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Sales of Stainless Steel Products


Stainless Steel / Other Special Steel Processing


Construction of Piping System


Import Export


Special Services

Electro Polishing


Unit Production and Assembly


Clean Technology (CT)


On-site Cleaning


Total Service for Stainless Steel Pipin

To deliver stainless steel products to the site quickly, in a timely manner, and with high quality.

After approximately half a century since our establishment as a stainless steel material wholesaler, we believe that just simply delivering materials will not provide sufficient satisfaction to our customers, therefore we will continue our efforts to deliver them to our customers’ sites as they desire.


:Domestic network :International network
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Procurement and sales

Procurement and sales
Sales & Inventory


We promise a satisfying delivery thanks to our abundant inventory of quality products of BA pipes, EP pipes, and sanitary fittings.

International network

Overseas procurement
Import Export


Overseas production
Delivery from overseas


Based in Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan, we are engaged in processing trade focus on stainless steel.

Processing / manufacturing

Plumbing work
Metal processing


Polishing, cleaning, etc.
Surface treatment


Electropolishing (EP)


Various test


Not limited to piping production, we can handle a wide range of tanks, containers, shelves, etc. Also, we do other services like buffing, electropolishing, pickling, precision cleaning, etc.


Prefabrication processing


Assembly of equipment


If prefabricated piping and equipment are unitized and brought to the site, the burden of construction period and man-hours can be reduced.

Construction site

Equipment installation work


Piping connection work


On-site cleaning


Test run


We will install the manufactured prefabricated pipes and equipment on-site, and perform on-site piping work and cleaning.



Our products are used by a large number of end users through our customers.

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