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Piping pressure and air tightness test

We will test whether the manufactured piping and containers meet the specified standards in pressure strength and air tightness (water tightness) and prepare test report.

Pressure test

It is a test to check whether the manufactured piping can sufficiently withstand under a constant pressure (1 to 1.5 times the normal pressure). For the test, a safe liquid such as water is used (there are alternatives like nitrogen gas etc.).

Airtight test

The workpiece is filled with air, nitrogen, water, or other liquid gas, pressurized at a pressure specified in the specification for a certain period of time, and checked and recorded for leakage or pressure drop.

Example: Test pressure 0.2 Mpa, holding time 24 hours

▲ Airtightness test for exhaust piping

▲ Use nitrogen gas for sealed work

▲ Test start. Record gauge pressure, temperature and start time

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