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Import and export business utilizing know-how acquired through trade in consignment processing

Since 2010, we have expanded our business to East and South East Asia, with our focus in Vietnam. We have been importing and exporting stainless steel products.


Development of total services for stainless steel piping construction in cooperation between Japan and foreign countries

VINA ASTEC CO., LTD. is an overseas production base. Taiwan-based subsidiary RI-ZHANG ASTEC CO., LTD. is an overseas sales office. Each site has staffs who are fluent in Japanese and familiar with stainless steel processing and trading operations, and cooperate with domestic staff to carry out production, construction and import / export operations.

Import & Export Business

International Trading Business Description

Importing and Exporting stainless steel products , factory equipments and tools.

Carefully selecting the packaging methods and handling import & export by seaway/airway.

Wholesale business

Wholesale of factory equipment, etc., which are expanding thanks to connection with various industries

Our company has broad connection with various companies in different fields like pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food industry. Therefore, we operate wholesale business for tools, equipment and materials.

In addition, we have certified facility electrical engineers and skillful electricians stationed in our subsidiary in Vietnam, therefore our staff can provide partial maintenance service for equipment sold in Vietnam, concerning electrical related problems.

We are eager to negotiate to operate as an import agent for vendor enterprises.

To domestic and foreign manufacturers and primary entities considering expanding their sales channels: We will consider to act as a distributor for your products.

Service list

Interpreter (Taiwan)

Knowing stainless steel product terminology, so that we can provide support as interpreters for local exhibitions and new visits.

Manufacturing products in overseas (Vietnam)

Performing process stainless steel processes, such as cutting, welding, electropolishing, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us about domestic and overseas mass‐produced products, repeat products and special ordered, or products for domestic use with plenty of delivery time.

Scanning service (Vietnam)

Scanning documents that have accumulated in the office one by one, then pass it as data.

We provide various scanning services, such as A4/A3, Japanese OCR, white & black/color.

We can handle related documents, such as mill sheets, images, catalogues, contracts.

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