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About the Company

Company Name



30,000,000 yen


1972/12/1 (Founded in 1967)


1-8-16, Semba-Higashi, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan  See map

Number of employees

114 (as of April 1, 2023)

Business Area

Sales of industrial stainless steel products,
Surface treatment,
Piping construction

Number of patents acquired

4 Patent pending : 9  *Excluding overseas application

Number of trademark registrations

3 *Excluding overseas application

Transaction banks

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,
Shoko Chukin Bank,
Resona Bank, Mizuho Bank


Representative Director SHOICHI SUGITA

Company qualification

Construction Industry Permission

Business of Piping work
Piping Construction Permission No./General Permission from Osaka Prefecture Governor No. 135603

ISO 9001 Certification

Applicable standard: ISO 9001:2015/JIS Q 9001:2015
*JIS stands for “Japanese Industrial Standards”

Scope of certification::
Design, development, manufacture and sales of stainless steel plumbing products (industrial use and building materials), various metal processing (cutting, milling, bending, welding, pressing, polishing, electropolishing and others) and plumbing assembly (cabinets and plants for gas, pharmaceutical and food industry)

Registration number: JICQA 1727

KES/ Kyoto Environmental management

KES/ Kyoto Environmental management standard Step 2

Scope of certification:
Sales of stainless steel materials in the registered organization and all business sites of the processing industry.

Registration number: KES2-0478

Related links: KES/ Environmental management standard

List of qualified personnel

Level 1 piping construction management engineer

Technical supervisor (Piping construction)

Hazardous materials engineer

Operation chief of oxygen deficient/hydrogen sulfide

Operations chief of gas welding

Non Destructive Inspection engineer (Liquid Penetrant Test level 2)

Ordinary class boiler welder

Welding technician stainless steel welding – Basic level (TN-F) Professional level (TN-P TN-V)


Small sized mobile crane


Foreman/ Health and safety manager

Vehicle for work at height (less than 10m)

Floor Crane (less than 5t)

Arc welding special education

Special education such as replacement of free grinding wheels

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