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On-site Cleaning

Prepare cleaning equipment and chemicals, and go directly to the site to perform cleaning work

We prepare cleaning equipment and chemicals, and go on site to perform cleaning work. Whether the site is rebuilt or newly built, the inside of the tank, large container, piping, etc. that cannot be taken out to the cleaning factory, is guaranteed to always be in a clean condition.

In addition to being able to satisfy FDA inspections, periodical passive-film processing in tanks and pipes can be rescaled to restore the buffing and electropolishing gloss of the original construction.

Features of on-site cleaning

We can deal with various surface pollution

Change of color rouge in stainless steel of bio and pharmaceutical industry

Oxide scale generated during welding (welding burn)

Scale that deposits dissolved mineral matter as water is concentrated and adheres to inner wall

Various cleaning techniques

【Chemical circulation cleaning】
Pump the chemical solution according to the application to remove contamination

【Application cleaning】
Using brush to apply the chemical solution to make it react with the contaminated surface and remove the stain.

【Electro cleaning】
React the contaminated surface with electricity and chemical solution and remove it.

【Circulation passivation process】
Form a dense passive film on the surface of stainless steel.(Reproducibility of inactivated film in welding spot)

Because we undertake the construction of stainless-steel pipes, we could make use of that know-how, can clean the pipes by using temporary pipes without using rubber tubes. Therefore, construction can be performed without leakage of detergent.

Consideration for customer’s facilities and environment

In our company’s on-site cleaning, all the used chemicals are carried back in temporary tanks, or collected by a local truck, so customers do not have to worry about the treatment of left-over chemicals and waste liquid.

Examples of cleaning

Tank before cleaning

Tank after cleaning

※ Usually, only the inside of the tank is processed, but the tank in the “After” photo was also subjected to external cleaning.

On-site Cleaning

Cleaning work at construction site

Gathering of used chemicals

Inspection and work report

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