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About Akatsuki Kinzoku CO., LTD. (former company name)

Outline of Akatsuki Kinzoku CO., LTD.

The information is as of October 1, 2009, when the company became a subsidiary.

Trade name Akatsuki Kinzoku Corporation
Head office 5-2-20, 5-chome, Shimeno, Neyagawa, Osaka, Japan
Representative Shoichi Sugita, President and Representative Director
Founded and established September 1937, incorporated June 1959
Business description Cold press steel sheet bending processing (operating room interior panels, steel racks for medium and heavy weight, etc.)
Major Customers Central Uni CO., LTD., Kawaju Reinetsu Kogyo, Fuso Metal Industry, Sumisetsu Techno, Nihon Spindle Manufacturing, etc.
Major suppliers Inamine Seisakusho, Inoue Kinzoku, Onoken, Sun Paint, Nakagawa Kozai, etc.
Number of employees 12 full-time employees, 1 contracted employee, 1 part-time employee (as of October 2021)
Warranty approval IS09001:2015 certification, etc.
Affiliated Company NISSHO ASTEC CO., LTD.


September 1937 Established Todoroki Manufacturing in Osaka.
October 1943 Designated as a wartime naval supervised factory; began production of oil tanks for ships, aircraft parts, and hydraulic cooling systems
April 1948 Peacetime production begins.
June 1959 Establishment of Akatsuki Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
January 1969 Capital increased to 4 million yen
November 1977 NCT punch press and other equipment enhanced for the purpose of rationalization of systems for quality control, mass production system, and strict adherence to deadlines.
July 1981 Capital increased to 8 million yen
January 1983 Moved to Shimeno, Neyagawa City due to Osaka City urban planning
June 1995 Capital increased to 10 million yen
March 2012 Installation of Punch/laser multifunction printer (C1)
May 2014 Installation of Hybrid Drive Bender
February 2016 Installation of CNC Turret Punch Press (EM)
November 2016 IS09001:2015 certified
October 2021 Acquired by NISSHO ASTEC CO., LTD. and becomes a subsidiary of NISSHO ASTEC CO., LTD.
April 2022 Became the Neyagawa Factory of NISSHO ASTEC CO., LTD.

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