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Visiting Nissho Astec Co., Ltd. Minoh Headquarters

Nissho Astec’s headquarters building is located in Osaka fiber wholesale commercial complex (a.k.a COM ART HILL: Com Art Hill) in the Senba area of Osaka Prefecture Minoo City, and about 4 km northwest of Expo Park, where the Tower of the Sun stands.

Please follow instructions in the maps below to visit our headquarter.

1) From COM ART HILL to Minoh Headquarters


2) Entrance

Currently, the Northern Entrance is closed.(The blue arrow in the following map)

To enter the building, please use the Southern Entrance.(The red arrow in the following map)


3) About parking space

Usually we have 2 to 3 available parking slots for visitors, however, if there is no free space, please let us know through the phone at the reception place.


4) Reception

Please use the telephone at the reception window (unmanned) to call our staff at the sales department or the general affair department.

Go straight from the reception place and you can easily find the elevator. Entrance to the office floor is on the second floor.


In 1970, EXPO 70 (a world’s fair) was held in the Senri Hills, a commercial complex opened in the shipbuilding west and shipbuido east of Minoo City in Osaka Prefecture, which is close to the venue. As the town name suggests, a part of the wholesaler of textile has moved from the stadium in Osaka city. As it is mainly a textile complex, many companies related to textiles are still present, but companies that handle metal sales and processing like Nissho Astec are quite rare.

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