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Standard Specifications

[Type of steel pipes to be connected]
JIS G3459 (Stainless steel pipes for piping)

[Related Standard]
JIS B2316 (Plug-in welded steel connectors for piping)
FAS 102 (Threaded steel connectors for special piping)
FAS 104 (Plug-in welded and threaded union steel connectors)


[Fittings Material]

Connector Material Symbol Connected steel pipe (reference) Remark
JIS G 4303 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304TP Corrosion Resistance
High-temperature piping system
Low-temperature piping system
JIS G 4303 SUS304L SUS304L SUS304LTP
JIS G 4303 SUS316 SUS316 SUS316TP
JIS G 4303 SUS316L SUS316L SUS316LTP
JIS G 4303 SUS321 SUS321 SUS321TP


Size (mm) SUS304 SUS3316 SUS3316L

: 2018/12/19

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