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Square Tube ( Rectangle )

Square Tube (Rectangle)

Explanation / Description

Side Length:
Less than 30mm: ±0.25mm; 30mm to less than 50mm: ±0.03mm; 50mm or more: ±0.6%

Less than 1.25mm: ±0.15mm; 1.25mm to less than 2.00mm: ±0.20mm; 2.0mm or more: ±10%

4000mm~6000mm: ±50mm, -0mm

For the overall length: 0.3% or less

Dimensions of corner R:
Wall Thickness t<1.5mm: R=1.0 x t(Wall Thickness) or less; 1.5≤t<2.1mm: R=1.5t or less Wall Thickness t≥2.1mm: R=2.0 x t or less

Size (mm)

: 2018/12/13

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