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Large Thick Walled Square Tube

Large Thick Walled Square Tube

Explanation / Description

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Cross-sectional peformance is reference value calculated as 2t of each section.

For information of pipes with wall thickness of 12.0t, 16.0t and stainless steel pipes used in construction (SUS304A), Surface treament is pickle finished.


Size (mm) SUS304

Item and Dimension Dimension Tolerance
Side Length Less than 100mm ± 1.0mm
More than 100mm ± 1.0%
Unevenness of flat surface on each side Side Length: 100mm or less 0.5mm or less
Side Length: more than 100mm 0.4% of side length or less
Squareness 90 % ± 1.0 %
Length +Not specified, -0
Bending 1mm/M or less
Twist 0.6mm/M or less
Dimension of each section Long side + Short side: 300mm or less 2t or less
Long side + Short side: more than 300mm 3t or less
Thickness ± 10%
Welding bead position Not the corner part
Welding bead height 10% of the wall thickness or less
: 2018/12/13

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