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Angle ( cold )

Angle (cold)

Explanation / Description

[General Dimension Tolerance]

Squareness of legs: 90°±2°

Bending: not exceeding 2 (mm/m)

Length: +20mm, -0mm

3x20x20 ~ 3x30x30 ±0.25mm
3x40x40 ~ 6x65x65 ±0.30mm
6x75x75 ~ 9x75x75 ±0.35mm

Side length: For 20~25mm: ±0.4mm, for 30~50mm: ±0.5mm, for 60~75mm: ±1.5mm

r1: not exceeding 2R

For thickness less than 6mm: 2R
For thickness more than 7mm: not exceeding one third of the whole thickness


Size (mm) SUS304

: 2018/12/13

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