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Degreasing Cleaning

The main operation of 2nd Meshin Worksite is degreasing cleaning stainless steel pipes and products were processed at the Meishin Worksite.

Degreasing cleaning

With workpiece surface of the stainless steel fittings and steel pipes had been processed at Meshin Worksite get various dirt (such as metal pieces, abrasives, processing oil, etc.) that can’t be cleaned by usual technologies. Therefore, to remove these contaminations suitable for surface treatment or coating, the process of degreasing cleaning is conducting.

Influence of contaminations and oils

If surface treatment and coating are processed that contaminations (metal pieces, dust, oil, etc.) are sticking on the workpiece surface, it would lead to the heterogeneous effect of surface treatment or strike necessary paint and chemicals. With that influence, quality problems such as rust develop on the metal surface, peeling of paint would be occurred. Therefore, clean workpiece surface before surface treatment is an essential process to make high-quality products.

Degreasing cleaning methods

Cleaning methods are selected based on the material and size of the workpieces need cleaning, and the required degree of degreasing.

(1) Physical method
– Removing stain using high-temperature water or steam spray
– Abrasive blast cleaning: spray degreasing agents to eliminate dirt and stain

(2) Chemical method
– Alkaline degreasing method using alkaline degreasing solution as the degreasing agent
– Acid cleaning method using acidic agent

Alkaline method

At 2nd Meshin Work Site, degreasing cleaning by alkaline cleaning is carried out.

Alkaline cleaning is greatly effective for stains such as oil stain, cutting powder, carbon etc. by carrying out neutralization/saponification by alkalinity or chelating effect, and using a detergent utilizing dissolution of oil by a surfactant.

It is a cleaning method suitable for degreasing cleaning of iron, stainless steel etc.

After processing

Removing cleaning liquid by water after degreasing cleaning. Also, continue to alkaline/degreasing cleaning, pickling is carried out. Then, drying processes such as cleaned with water, neutralized, cleaned with pure water shall be conducted as commonly.

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